Strategic Partners


Nepean Engineering & Innovation

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation is the most trusted partner in high value, innovative and sustainable engineering solutions. With an elite design & project management team which understands the diverse nature of engineering, they have the depth, diversity, capability and experience to successfully deliver on the largest and most complex engineering projects.

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation’s ISO9001:2015 certification (SAI Global) ensures that its manufacturing processes and final products are completed with the highest degree of quality, using the latest and most technically advanced manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing expertise extends across multiple industries; from pharmaceutical, scientific & nuclear research to aerospace, mining and minerals processing.

Resuscitation and Acute Critical Care Solutions

ZOLL is focused on improving outcomes with novel resuscitation and acute critical care technology. Our medical products and software solutions help clinicians, EMS and fire professionals, lay rescuers, and the military provide life-saving care every day. ZOLL delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients.