About Us

Our Story

Rescue Pod Pty Ltd has designed and developed a new RiPOD (Rescue Isolation Pod).  RiPOD was borne out of an urgent need to help health authorities across the world in response to the expanding crisis from COVID-19.

Ben Notley, CEO and Founder, has brought together a group of Australian companies to be part of this unique life saving mobile autonomous isolation room called RiPOD.

We believe that RiPOD will become an essential mobile medical device available for rapid deployment through out the world either by road, rail and sea. 

Our goal as a company is to provide mobile, medically safe structures to aid health care workers treating patients with infectious diseases. By isolating patients individually in their own RiPOD, we can reduce the spread of infectious diseases, promote life and a positive outcome for all.

Super Efficient

Designed with simplicity yet

Deeply Commited

We are committed to deliver a high
quality Negative Pressure Isolation
Medical Facility locally and nationally.

Highly Skilled

We use highly skilled tradesmen
who deliver a high standard of work
to maintain a reliable product even in
harsh conditions throughout the world.

Ben Notley


Ann Notley